Could not login remotely - VSQL


Let me explain my scenario in this way :-


Despite of entering correct username and password . For more clear I tried to login from following ip (remotely) using VSQL command but its shows an error message saying ERROR : FATAL 4974. Please feel free to check FIVE.JPG file for screenshot output.



BUT when i try to login from I am able to login successfully. On this ip my hp vertica database is installed and also i created the user mentioned in FIVE.JPG. Since i am able to login successfully from this server which means there is no issue regarding ACCOUNT LOCK. Please feel free to check the file name FOUR.JPG which shows the successful login from node



Now my question is since it is clear that this is not an account lock issue what other PREVELEGE do i need to give so that my client user can easily get accessed from ?


Kindly Please advise.








  • Hi Ujjwal,


    The screenshots show that you've used different users in the successful and unsuccessful connection attempts.


    1. Please run


    select * from users where is_locked;


    and see if user pm_0405xx_analytics account is locked.


    2. Then use ALTER USER to unlock the acccount (Doc reference : )


    Hope this helps






  • Hi Gayatri

    Thanks for the response. Please find the attached screenshot for the above query which you have requested for. Now its locked but before when it was un locked the main problem is the following user pm_0405xx_data , pm_0405xx_config, pm_0405xx_analytics  could not login from remote ip whereas if i try to login with the same user pm_0405xx_data, pm_0405xx_config, pm_0405xx_analytics from ip then it get successfully login. So the problem is is an REMOTE IP where trying login with the above user from remote based ip is not working.


    So my question is despite of account unlock if the login access failed while login from remotely then what activities do i need to care about. please advise





  • Hi Ujjwal,


    Thanks for clarifying the issue.


    How have you defined the client authentication in Vertica?


    the output of "select * from client_auth;" will show you the current authentication records.


    Please check the examples listed here :


    I suspect that you have defined access method HOST which is restricting these users to specific hosts. Alter it to include the 10.70.2.x IPs.




  • Hello Gayatri

    I ran this statement but it showing blank output..I mean there is no any records inside this table.


    select * from client_auth;


    So do you mean that i need to provide authentication so that the user can login remotely from other ip ?





  • Hi Ujjwal


    Please run the query as dbadmin user.





  • Hi Gayatri

    Please find the output for following query statement from below. It shows 0 rows.


    dbadmin=> select * from client_auth;

     auth_oid | auth_name | is_auth_enabled | auth_host_type | auth_host_address | auth_method | auth_parameters | auth_priority
    (0 rows)



    Will look forward to hear from you





  • From your screen shot four.jpg, it is account lock issue. If it fails, the vsql will tell you why it fails.


    Since you dont have client_auth records, it should not fail. 


    If it fails even after unlock, please attach the screen shot of the failure. Also, attach the screen shot of the users table showing it is unlocked. 



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