can't select "accept" in admin tool upon initial config


New hopeful user of community edition. I have created virtual box virtual machines using centos7 on RedHat 64. Using vertica-7.2.2-1.x86_64.RHEL6.rpm to install. Everything looks to be in order until I su to dbadmin and go through the original license specification and EULA acceptance. As instructed, I simply select OK on the first screen asking for license file location. On the second screen, I cannot navigate away from the "View" option when using the menu View, Accept, Reject. I cannot Accept and cannot Reject. 


I suspect I am doing something idiotic but help out there is appreciated.





    Hi Ed,


    Did you try to use TAB and SPACE? Use TAB to move the cursor to the Accept "checkbox", then press SPACE to "check" that box, then tab over to the "Next" (or "OK"?) button at the bottom.


    Hope that helps,


  • perfect. Thanks so much for remedial education. Thanks 

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