How to change Node IP of single node vertica cluster

1)I have vertica VM where I want to change the node IP. current node IP is

Since it is single node can't bring it down to issue vsql ALTER statement. Please help.

Followed the process outline under "Changing the IP Addresses of an HP Vertica Cluster" from installation guiede.But stuck at point 12.


2) Can't find vspread.conf in the vertica vm intallation. Is this mandatory.

Could you please suggest.





  • My experience is that you can't do much with a single node DB that is using the default loopback IP. If you were not on the loopback IP, you could add a new node then drop the old node. So, maybe you could spin up another VM on desired IP address, install Vertica DB on that VM with same DB name. Then, use COPYCLUSTER to move the entire DB to the new VM. Pretty sure that your original DB is up and available for querying while copying it to the new single node. After stabilizing the new DB, you can do another COPYCLUSTER to ensure that any data from old DB is incrementally added to new DB.
  • Hi ,

    It can be done using catalog editor (we do it several times ) , however the use of it is very delicate  ,  this is why  "catalog editor" is not documented .


    I advice you to take it with support .


    I hope you will find it useful 



  • Hi Eli, I agree with your assessment. Good advice. However, not everybody has support access, especially if they are on the community edition. (I am assuming this in this case, because he has only one node and is using the loopback IP instead of static public and private network IPs). But, if he has support access, then contacting them to do it through the back end might be a better way. As you say, it is a very delicate procedure to do it through catalog manager, as there are many places in which the IP address needs to be changed. With a single node, it might be just as easy for him to just copy the entire DB to another single node cluster. But, it's nice to have multiple options. So, your feedback is great. I look forward to seeing what he says.

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