Vertica Spark Connector 0.2.2 - Invalid projection name, ERROR: Relation "tablename" does not exis

Vertica v7.2.1

Spark version 1.5

Scala version 2.10.4

Vertica Spark Connector 0.2.2


The veritca "dba" user owns a few db schemas including public, production, integration, staging etc. It can read data from public schema. But I haven't been able to read any table from other schemas. It always hit one of the two errors: 


ERROR: Invalid projection name projection_name


ERROR: Relation "table_name" does not exist


The problem is similar to the bug reported before: https://community.dev.hpe.com/t5/Vertica-Forum/Vertica-Spark-Connector-0-2-0-Invalid-Projection-issue/td-p/235104. But this time it seems limit one user to one schema. Another veritca user 'user_a' who owns db schema 'db_a' can access that schema. 


Another problem is that it sometimes complains about a project that does NOT belong to the table, instead, belongs to another table with the same table name in a different schema. 



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    How do you specify the table name with a non-public schema? The proper way to do this should be as "schema_name.table_name" to the "table" parameter in options, i.e.,


    val opt = Map("host" -> hostName , "table" -> "schema_name.table_name", "db"-> db , ...)


    val df = sqlContext.read.format("com.vertica.spark.datasource.DefaultSource").options(opt).load()




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    That did it! Thank you for the quick response!


    It would be great to update the documentation on it. 

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