Remotely mapping Vertica table to a kafka topic

I'd like to create a table dynamically and map it to a Kafka topic from my application. The documentation has this command,


/opt/vertica/packages/kafka/bin/vkconfig topic --add --target tableName --topic topicName --parser KafkaJSONParser --num-partitions 1 --config-schema kafkaschema

Is there an alternate way to run this command, as my application is hosted remotely and I'd like to do the mapping dynamically. I presume there should be a way to do this via SQL in Vertica.


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    There is no external API available ,  however , you can run the Kafka package in your remote server instead  of running it on the DB server .

    This will simplify you dynamic method ,you will be able to call the CLI from your code


    I hope you will find it useful



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