What are the information need to be monitor at Vertica Log file for ERROR FINDING ?

Hello Everyone

I wonder what are the keyword or the statement that need to be monitor inside VERTICA.LOG file for error finding.


Also I wanted to understand the statement written inside vertica log too ?


Any help will be highly appreciated






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    Hi Ujjwal,


    You can search the log file for the string <ERROR> to find errors.


    Are you refering to the SQL statements in the log file. Many of these SQL statements will be statements run automatically by Vertica for monitoring purposes.


    Hope that helps!




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    Hi Chris

    Thanks for the response. Yes I am refering to sql statment from the log file but i do not understand what is the statement actually means. Is there any online url where i can find the statement output/meaning. I mean what actually the statement means.


    Can you advise how can we understand the log statement actually means ? Please help





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