connecting vertica on AWS using php

I have been able to connect to my local vertica instance using php leveraging UNIX ODBC pacakge. I used a code similar to this one.


$dbName = 'your-database-name';
$hostname = 'your-hostname.com;
$account = 'your-username';
$password = 'your-password';
$driver = 'Vertica';

$dsn = 'Driver='.$driver.';Server='.$hostname.';Database='.$dbName;
$pdo = new PDO('odbc:'.$dsn, $account, $password);


Now I have moved my vertica database to the AWS. How do I connect to the vertica localed in AWS using php? What password shall I use since AWS EC2 does not allow vertica install with password.


Can anyone please share some example ?



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    I am also moving to AWS from DO. The PHP website is on DO right now, but in proceess of moving. I have already setup AWS PHP server, now I only need to know how to movie vertica to AWS.

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