Vertica log INFO message - <INFO> SortManager found maxMerges 5 too small(32 MB Assigned)

Is this something that indicates some configuration should be modified? We constantly get this in our vertica.log


DistCall Dispatch:0x7f269882ccd0-b000000186c4e8 [EE] <INFO> SortManager found maxMerges 5 too small(32 MB Assigned).

DistCall Dispatch:0x7f269882ccd0-b000000186c4e8 [EE] <INFO> After disabling optimization, maxMerges becomes 5.


It's been in our log 22,000 times just since this morning.

I saw this was in an earlier thread from before your move to the new forum, but not answered, so that's why I"m asking it again here.


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