vertica: invalid data in PID file[/home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/v_s2_bigdata_node0003_catalog/vertica.pid

Vertica 7.1 (DOWN) --- > node0003 (UP) ----> node0002 (UP) ----> node0001 Startup.log- is Empty Vertica.log - Not shows error Error : failed with exit code 1. Check /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/dbLog for more information. Press RETURN to continue Check: ps -ef | grep spread spread is not run for Down node. tail -f /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/dbLog vertica: invalid data in PID file [/home/dbadmin/XXXXXXXX/XXXX] : vi /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/v_s2_bigdata_node0003_catalog/vertica.pid file is Empty : vi /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/v_s2_bigdata_node0002_catalog/vertica.pid 418 /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/v_s2_bigdata_node0002_catalog copy this content and paste vi /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/v_s2_bigdata_node0003_catalog/vertica.pid file and change 418 /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/v_s2_bigdata_node0003_catalog save this file and finally /opt/vertica/sbin/verticad start and Enter your dbadmin Password Its automattically startup your node. (UP) --- > node0003 (UP) ----> node0002 (UP) ----> node0001

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