On Epochs

I have gone through the topic: Understanding Epoch in the document and in the community post. 


But still confused on- 


how the epoch (number) moves from CE -> LE - > CPE -> LGE -> AHM ? 



Could you please explain with an example how/when the epoch no moves form one to other. 


Thank you


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    Hi, The CE advance by a commit, every time that you do a ddl. Insert+ commit. delete + commit, copy ( it has auto commit) etc. LG advance when CE advance. CPE advance when the tuple mover move the data from WOS to ROS. LGE automatically advance with the CPE AHM is a service that runs based on a configuration parameter and by default it gets = LGE but you can setup configuration parameters to be xx epochs or xx Seconds from the LGE. Hope this helps, Eugenia

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