Installing on Ubuntu 16 server

I've downloaded 7.2.2 and have installed the Debian package, but when I try to run the post-install script like so:


sudo /opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica --hosts --deb vertica_7.2.2-1_amd64.deb --dba-user dbadmin --data-dir /mnt/data/vertica --ignore-aws-instance-type


I get this error:

Vertica Analytic Database 7.2.2-1 Installation Tool


Error: HALT(eS0322): Debian-based OS version 'stretch/sid' is not supported.

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/opt/vertica/oss/python/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vertica/install/__init__.py", line 1171, in run_install

    options = option_parser()

  File "/opt/vertica/share/eggs/vertica/install/__main__.py", line 94, in _parse_options

    opsys = vos.OpSys()

  File "/opt/vertica/oss/python/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vertica/system/opsys.py", line 44, in __init__


  File "/opt/vertica/oss/python/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vertica/system/opsys.py", line 152, in version

    eid = 'S0322', sev = Severity.HALT)

  File "/opt/vertica/oss/python/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vertica/platform/check/assertions.py", line 91, in vassert

    raise VerticaAssertionError(msg, **kwargs)

VerticaAssertionError: HALT(eS0322): Debian-based OS version 'stretch/sid' is not supported.

Installation FAILED with errors.


How do I fix this?




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    Vertica is not currently supported on Ubuntu 16.  Use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS instead.


    Hope that helps!

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    I've installed it on Ubuntu 14 now, but any time I try to create a new database with the admin tool, it just ends up stuck on the "Creating database" step.  I don't see any errors or anything.  The underlying folder where it's supposed to store the data is populated with:


    port.dat  procedures  v_neo_node0001_catalog  v_neo_node0001_data


    but it stays on the "creating database" screen for > 10 minutes and never returns.


    How do I fix this?

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    In v_neo_node0001_catalog, open vertica.log and see if there are any clues as to why the database creation step is hanging.



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    thanks Chris, I ended up just restarting verticad and then it seemd to work.

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    Hi Skunkwerk and Chris_C, I got same problem here. not sure how @skunkwerk fixed it or vertica is not support for ubuntu 16 ? @Chris_C

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