how to obtain data from hp vertica tables and from vertica projections?

I've connected to hp vertica database 7.1.2 and I want to obtain test data of tables created previously in my hp vertica database

I've installed vsql client and I've connected correctly to hp vertica database with vsql client.

Now I want to obtain data from vertica tables and from vertica projections.

I've executed some SELECT commands and these have fail.


vsql> \ select * from <table_name>


How could I obtain data from hp vertica projections and from vertica tables?

Which commands have I use to obtain data from vertica projections?

Could anyone indicate some example command to obtain data from tables and projections?


Thans in advance

Best regards


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    Vertica's SELECT statements are pretty standard SQL. It would be helpful to know the errors with your SELECT statements. I'm also not sure why you are starting your query with a leading backslash \ ?


    Is there a specific reason you want to select data from a projection, rather than the underlying table and letting Vertica deal with it?



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    Hi ,

    Your table (f its being created ) existing on some schema , to access the table , you need to specified the schema name as prefix to your query 


    Like select * from <Your Schema Name>.<table_name>


    No avoid providing the schema as a prefix you can set you session search_path to reflect your schema name .


    To see what is your existing search_path setting  run the below command 




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    try to select data dictionary 


    select * from v_catalog.projections - to observe all created projections

    select * from v_catalog.tables - for tables

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