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Cannot ignore down host - it is not being removed



I am trying to install vertica on AWS, while installing vertica I am getting the following error message on both and with my ip.


what could be the issue?


./install_vertica --hosts ip-10-x.x.x.ec2.internal --dba-user dbadmin --dba-user-password P@ssw0rd
Vertica Analytic Database 7.2.1-0 Installation Tool

AWS Detected. Using AWS defaults.
AWS Default: --data-dir was not specified, using default: /vertica/data
AWS Default: --dba-user-password-disabled was not specified, disabling dba password by default while on AWS
AWS Default: --point-to-point was not specified, enabling point-to-point spread communication by default while on AWS

>> Validating options...

Mapping hostnames in --hosts (-s) to addresses...
ip-ip-10-x.x.x.ec2.internal =>

>> Starting installation tasks.
>> Getting system information for cluster (this may take a while)...

Warning: could not connect to
Unable to connect as this user
Error: Cannot ignore down host - it is not being removed
Hint: Establish connectivity to all cluster hosts before trying.
Installation FAILED with errors.

Installation stopped before any changes were made.


  • Hi,


    Your install_vertica command is missing a few parameters.


    Please review and follow the AWS guide for installing Vertica on AWS :




  • Hello Gayatri,


    The link you had shared is not opeining, could you please share it again?





  • SystemSystem Administrator

    Hi -


    Can you please let me know how was this resolved. I am facing the same thing while installing on AWS?

    Should I specify the--point-to-point option?


    You have to use the ip itself and not the host name given.


      Make sure you have edited your /etc/hosts file before installing the database, add you ip`s with thier specific node names.



    And when you run install Vertica cluster use the ipaddreses. 


    Checkout this video tutorials HP Vertica Tuts or See this articles for more info HP Vertica Setup

  • SystemSystem Administrator
    Thanks! But i was already using IP address.Resolved the issue by adding the public key under /etc/ssh/authorized keys for root user. Also, to ignore down host / avoid the yes no promt for first sah loging, had to do a ssh-keyscan to add under /root/.ssh/known_hosts.

    All in all problem was with root trying to login into the server while vertica installation - Vertica automatically spawns psuedo terminal to ssh while installation
  • XeroxXerox Community Edition User

    please mention what public key where to collect it, can you provide steps please for all how it resolved. yes it is looking for ssh and password but how do i make it run

  • XeroxXerox Community Edition User

    Error: Cannot ignore down host - it is not being removed

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