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Hi Everypone I am doing a backup job. And I got an error , which is a permission error saying /tmp/vbr/vbr.py :permission denied but i set the permission properly for dbadmin. Any idea? the backup directory is set up the same on all the nodes and permission is set the same. vertica version is 7.1.2

Any idea why? Help is appreaciated. 


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    Request you to make sure the below mentioned things are set properly:
    1. Ensure that the "tmp" mount was not mounted with the "noexec" option. The script is first copied to /tmp on all nodes and executes from this location(If you have specified a directory other than /tmp in the vbr.ini config file, ensure that mount is not using the "noexec" option).
    2. The dbadmin Linux user should have read/write/execute permissions for "/tmp". If this directory can not be written to, the process will fail.
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    Thanks,Rahul. We found out the issue and it was the tmp folder. We used another folder to get away with this. 

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