Request distribution among cluster nodes

how to get Request distribution among cluster nodes in vertica?

thanks in advance


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    I am not sure what do you mean with distribuition but the table projection_storage can tell you how many rows an used bytes you have per node per projection. Maybe this is what you are looking for ?





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    Thanks for replying. My question is like i want to know the work load distribution across the nodes when i pass some select query. If i am passing 'select xyz from abc where some_condition' , i want know, in each node how the load distributed among

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    if you add the keyword PROFILE before the statement vertica will save the profile information in the execution_engine_profiles table. In that table you could look in each part of the query per node how many bytes were read, how many rows where produced, etc. The table keeps a lot of info so you will need to do some aggregation queries to look at it. HTH, Eugenia
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    Hi Rajzz, 


    Management Console will show you your workload distribution across your nodes in various areas. 

    For aggregated resource information (from all your running queries), you can go to the Query Monitoring page:



    Management Console will also easily aggregate node information for you when profiling a query:


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    It works.

    Thanks eugenia and chris

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