compare different values between the same table

Imagine you have a hp vertica database with some created tables with different values inside.


We want to compare and detect in every table the next actions:


  1. detect the new values registers inserted in a concrete table
  2. detect and obtain the modified values registers existing in a concrete table
  3. detect and obtain the deleted values registres that have been deleted in a concrete table

We will dispose a script batch in sh format that it will execute every five minutes and the main goal of this script batch is detect and obtain all the values inserted, modified and deleted from all existing tables of hp vertica.


However, in hp vertica there is not triggers and for this reason anyone kwnows a technical way in hp vertica to codify and develop for obtaining the desired information.


Thanks all

Best regards


Josep Maria 


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     I think you asked the same question in other topic. Check it


    Vertica is not a transactional DB and it hasnt triggers and other stuff

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