Request exceeds limits: Queries Exceeded

Hi all,


I had an issue with my resource_pool. Looks like the MaxConcurrency value is 3, but when the 4th querie wants to run, it throws the following message:


Insufficient resources to execute plan on pool my_pool [Timedout waiting for resource request: Request exceeds limits: Queries Exceeded: Requested = 1, Free = 0 (Limit = 3, Used = 3)]


I know that this is a 4th querie want to run at the same time but i only have 3 slots.


The question is: When the 4th query hits the Db, what does vertica do? Drop it or put it in a queue for the queuetimeout?


Thanks in advance.


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    Vertica keeps the 4th request in queue. If any of the running queries complete within queuetimeout (which is usually 300 sec) 4th query will be executed. Otherwise 4th query gets timedout after queuetimeout period. 

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    Thank u very much!

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