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Partition count per projections and per table

How to get count of partitions are there per projections and also per table? Just wanted to have a track of partitions count as a maintanance activity.


  • Hi 


    You can use partitions table to get this info. Please see below query as an example which demonstrate the same:



    rchoudhary=> select node_name,table_schema,projection_name,count(distinct(partition_key)) partitions from partitions group by 1,2,3 order by 3 desc;
    node_name | table_schema | projection_name | partitions
    v_scrutinload_node0002 | public | p_test_b1 | 1
    v_scrutinload_node0003 | public | p_test_b1 | 1
    v_scrutinload_node0001 | public | p_test_b1 | 1
    v_scrutinload_node0002 | public | p_test_b0 | 2
    v_scrutinload_node0001 | public | p_test_b0 | 2
    v_scrutinload_node0003 | public | p_test_b0 | 2
    v_scrutinload_node0002 | public | p_b1 | 1
    v_scrutinload_node0001 | public | p_b0 | 1
    (8 rows)


    I hope it helps!!





  • it works. Thanks Rahul

  • Pleasure is all mine :-)


    Enjoy your day!!




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