How restore deleted data?

We are testing product Vertica Community Edition (7.2.2-1). During the tests we found next problem. We deleted some data (as i understand just marked this data as "deleted").

We see this data in storage_containers but how it could be restored?
Is it posible?
Have Vertica something for that?


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    You cannot restore from the vectors data ! No undo available yet , and if there will be one Vertica will no longer be as fast as it is now :).


    What you can do is look at the table in a point in time where the data was not deleted


    Example :

    using time value

    AT TIME 'timestamp' select * from table;


    using the epoch value

    AT EPOCH select * from table;


    Then you create a data set from the result set and put it back in the original table .


    But this will work only if you have your retention parameter set if is off then the delete vectors will be purged at the next TM job/run.


    Hope this helped

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