HELP!!!!!!!!!! How to restore data from storage_containers???

Need some help here! 

I accidentaly deleted some data (as i understand it is just marked this data as "deleted"). I see this data in storage_containers but how it could be restored?



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    You probably won't be able to get the data back.  It depends upon whether AHM has moved past the epoch in which you deleted the data.  On a healthy cluster, AHM will have advanced already.


    Check "select get_ahm_time();" and compare it to the time when you deleted the data. If you are "lucky" with AHM lag, you can use AT EPOCH N SELECT ...  or AT TIME T SELECT ... to select data from an epoch before it was deleted.  


    But if AHM has already advanced you won't be able to SELECT in that time range, and there is no guarantee that the data would be preserved since for example Tuple Mover mergeout operations may have already purged data as part of the mergeout.





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