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Parse elements in JSON list (Flex Table)



I have a flex table with JSON event data. One event type has a column which contains a JSON list (stored as BINARY). This column contains a list of uids which i need to parse to rows.


I can use the maptostring() function to transform the BINARY to a readable string, e.g.:

  maptostring ("body.participantids")
limit 1


This results in one row with one big string like here:


"0" : "7ed8c27d-6ab0-4ad5-9888-8e56698bd7d2",
"1" : "f0fc02b9-f5c3-4495-a3d9-5be5fb5dc433",
"2" : "3ec2527e-66da-40d5-9184-6b460813f779"


Now, i need to convert this in such a way so that i get a row for each uid. Any ideas how to do this?


FYI, this list can grow to >10000 uids, so i prefer not to flatten it.




- Derek



  • I managed to solve it myself using the mapItems function. 


    - Derek

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