Problems while installing Management Console

Hey, i am pretty a beginner in Linux and I am trying to install Vertica Management Console.

I installed the package and after that Ientered https://localhost:5450. I followed the installation wizard and installed the Management Console. But after trying to start it, i entered my login and my pw i get a white screen.

The adress box shows: https://localhost:5450/webui but the screen is still white.

Did I miss anything important?


I think i installed the SSH server and its running.

I followed this instruciton until starting the server.



I also turned off the firewall with the systemctl firewalld commands





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    SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator

    can you share me mc.log. What is the browser you are using? what version? what version of vertica and what version of MC you are using?

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    Hey, thanks for your reply :)


    how can i export the mc.log.?

    I am using vertica console 7.2.3-0 and the same vertica version.

    But i didn't install vertica yet.

    Just wanted to install the management console first


    Kind regards Kalamangi

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    Hi Kalamangi, 


    The MC log is located in /opt/vconsole/log/mc/

    Can you attach startup.log as well? That will provide information on how the installation went. 


    Normally after installing the MC for the first time, the MC server restarts and it's typical to see the white screen you saw until the restart is complete. Did you get to check if you were able to log in after a couple of minutes, or are you seeing this issue still after some time?





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    Hey chris ,


    i've got the logs attached here:)



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    Hi Kalamangi, 


    It looks like there is an error due to the LANG parameter set for the envirnoment. Would you mind temporarily settting it to en_US.UTF-8 (export LANG=en_US.UTF8)

    and try restarting the MC?



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    thank you very much

    that worked!

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