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Hello Friends,


We (owner- u1)have base table(t1) in one schema (s1) , view(v1) is placed in another schema(s2) . I want the specific type of user(u2) access only the views not the base table . so I have done below :


grant select on s1.t1 to u1 with grant option ;


then grant select on s2.v1 to u2 ;


will this work ?


I am worried about different schema .



Bhuvana Nagulan  


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    owner always have all permissions to objects he owns.


    owner does not need any grants.


    I assume u1 owns both objects    s1.t1 and s2.v1



    In this case all you need to do is



    grant select on s2.v1 to u2 ;

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    you also need to grant usage on schema to the user/role


    grant usage on schema s2 to u2;



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