Admintools - bypassing filesystem check



To preface this I'm very new to Linux and Vertica. 

I installed vertica ignoring the unsupported filesystem check because as I understood from a forum post Vertica should work even if you aren't on an ext3 or ext4 filesystem. I'm now trying to create a database using admintools. However I ran into an error that states "Unsupported filesystem. To override, consider using --skip-fs-checks."


What I'm trying to figure out is how can I use the aforementioned command and skip the filesystem checks? Where should I enter the command when I'm using admintools?


  • Hi


    You can use something like this depending on your requirement while running admintools from command line:


    $/opt/vertica/bin/admintools -­t create_db  -c /vertica/ -­D /vertica/ -­s <hosts_list_names> ­-d <your_db_name> --skip-fs-checks"




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