projection_recoveries, what does error-fatal mean



We just had one of the node recovered in Dev after it took a very long time. During this, looking at projection_recoveries, it showed error-fatal count to be 20976, 


select status, count(*) from projection_recoveries group by 1;


ignored | 98736




I did not see any proper documentation on what these status mean for, if this is something we need to worry about. I thought this was an issue, but the node is finally UP :-/




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    SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator

    It means thar projection recovery has failed. "fatal" can be misleading. During recovery the node rejects new connection requests as it's not ready to process data, and these rejections are posted in the vertica.log as FATAL (see below).
    FATAL 4149: Node startup/recovery in progress. Not yet ready to accept connections.

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    Thanks Sruthi for your response. I thought projection recovery might have failed, but the node finally became UP and is working fine. I don't see any critical nodes.


    How should I verify if the projections have any issues after the recovery?



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