Resource pool settings as per the timings (different setting for different windows )

Hi All,


I wanted to know if it is possible to control the Resource pool settings as per the time frame.

Actaully during the reporting time, ETL loading is eating most of the memory (resources) and due to that business users are facing issues. So is there any way that i can achieve this ?




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    You can look at couple of things. 


    1. Make sure RP tied to ETL loading has a limit on the memory that it can borrow from General pool so that you always leave required memory (either dedicated or from General pool) for business user queries


    2. You can set up a job to alter the resource pool during your defined times. This gives you flexibility of allocating maximum resources to ETL when it needs to be run and to set back and give priority to business user pool when they will be most using the system. 


    If you have seperate pools for each of these, it is much easier to manage.

    Hope this helps



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    Maybe the ETL processes need to be optimized? 

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    Thanks Sam for the reply!

    We do have defined RP for ETL,reporting and business users are mostly using general pool.

    But there are not specific limit set to any pool in terms of maxmemory or anything.


    2nd point is what i can look out for perhaps.

    So in case i change the parameters for RP, would it take a restart to get the affect?

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    No need for restart. 

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    Ok Thanks! Will try to see if we can pull out something like this and if it works well :)

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    Good Luck!! I know a client who got exact use case and they are able to switch back and forth the settings as they need and it works for them.

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