In Vertica:::::-> server down , switching to 1100.70.200.222

Hello Everyone

From ETL log file i see following statement. But when i went through vertica.log. I could not find any server down failure statement in vertica. Therefore i wonder if there is other way to verfiy whether vertica server were really down or not then please advise? If there is any sql query through which we can can find/check the below mentioned status in vertica then please advise.


2016/08/09 09:01:00 - Invoke COPY Loaded File Properties - (stdout) server  down , switching to 1100.70.200.222 \
2016/08/09 09:01:01 - Invoke COPY Loaded File Properties - (stdout)  Server_Status
2016/08/09 09:01:01 - Invoke COPY Loaded File Properties - (stdout) ---------------


Will look forward to hear from you


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  • ThakurThakur - Select Field - Employee

    select distinct node_name from nodes where node_state<>'UP';

  • Hi Thakur

    I trigger above mentioned query but it does not shows any output. Attached is the screenshot here with. Please advise.




    With Regards



  • Just run select * from nodes. 

  • I tried that already before but it shows nothing due to which only i post my queries. Please let me know if there is any other way to verify

  • Would you mind logging on to your server and running that command using vsql client? 

  • I already did that but it does not show node down status. Once again switching down issued on fraction of time may be on second due to which i might not been able to see from select * from nodes.


    Please let me know if there is any other way to verify.



    With Regards

  • Do you have IPVS setup? 

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