Exception while registering UDAF with overridden getParameterType method



I am trying to write a custome UDAF with 2 params.

I want to use one of the parameter to decide the size of a varibale used inside.


Here is the code I have written.


virtual void getParameterType(ServerInterface &srvInterface,SizedColumnTypes &parameterTypes)
       std::size_t N = 1;
     } catch(exception& e) {
        vt_report_error(0, "Exception during compile: [%s]", e.what());



This compiles fine but while trying to register, I get this error- 


ROLLBACK 5861: Error calling getParameterType() in User Function hll_count at [../src/c++/HLLRegisterRollUpUDAF.cpp:198], error code: 0, message: Exception during compile: [vector:lithiumM_range_check]


Any help is appriciated. 



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