Propagation of duplicate rows into target table after MERGE INTO

I am running a sequence of MERGE INTO operations of the following kind:


MERGE /*+ direct */
INTO target_table T
USING source_table S
ON (T.key1 = S.key1 AND
T.key2 = S.key2)
INSERT (key1, key2, field1, field2)
VALUES (S.key1, S.key2, S.field1, S.field2)


where both source and target tables have the definition, apart from the table names, having (key1, key2) defined as a primary key. 


source table is loaded sequentially with files of the size ~3GB and totally ~10 million lines/entries, and after every load (COPY DIRECT load), the data is merged into the target table using the above command.


However, following the MERGE INTO, after loading and merging 2 or more files, I am seeing a small number of duplicata rows ending up in the target table, despite enforcing the primary key. The fraction of duplicate entries is small (<1%) but still amounts to thousands of entries.


To illustrate the steps in more details:


Initially both target and source tables are empty.

  1. Step 1: Load file1.txt with 10 million unique entries into table S
  2. Step 2: MERGE INTO table S into table T. Following the merge, empty the table S
  3. Step 3. Load file2.txt with 10 million unique entries into table S
  4. Step 4: MERGE INTO table S into table T. Following the merge, empty the table S

Following the Step 4, I notice that table T has ~14 million entries (hence a large fraction of duplicates was removed as expected), but also a very small number of duplicate entries (<1%) remains.


Why is this?


Is MERGE INTO underneath implementing a complete merge and elimination of duplicates when so indicated with MATCHED clause in the command, or is it just approximate?


Does the number of entries (~dozens of millions) affect the accuracy of the MERGE INTO?


The tables used in the MERGE INTO were created with primary key across 5 columns (1 int, 4 varchar), and only default super-projection exists.


Vertica DB version in use is 7.1

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