Associating a topic with regular table - KafkaJSONParser


I'm trying to associate a topic with a regular table with KafkaJSONParser. My Kafka topic has a message as shown below and table has columns named "id" and "asset_name"



"id": "2a925fd7138",
"asset": {
"name": "Device7"


The column "id" is getting populated, but the column "asset_name" isn't. This could be due to the fact that after flatenning the JSON message, vertica is looking for a column named "", but its not a value column name.


If I'm not using Kafka and just FJSONParser, I could use underscore as the key separator by setting parser parameter key_separator to '_'. But this parameter is not supported in KafkaJSONParser. Any clues how to map the innser attribute "" to a regular Vertica table?


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