generating a plot from Vertica R

So, here's the use case.  We have data sat in Vertica that I would like to generate a plots for in R (because it does it so well) to then be consumed in reporting.    The plots are dependent on the scope of data selected for the report so it seems sensible to create an R UDF that I can call from SQL when the report is run and the scope of data is known.  I'm imagining writing plots to file and returning a file-path as a result of the UDF though it shodul also be possible to serialise the plot to a blob and return that.


But... I can't create a plot from within Vertica R as it seems to be lacking any graphical capabilities including the option to write to file as png/jpeg/bmp.


Is there a way round this or do these capabilities need to be compiled with a new version of R ?




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