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Could not get CLIENT IP via session id

Hello Everyone

One of our client has done the changes on resource pool anonymously. Now I need to get the ip address as a proof to talk with the client but i could not find client ip address . Apart from that i try to find IP addres fromm the below mentioned way but i could not get client ip . PLEASE HELP IF THERE IS ANY OTHER WAY WHERE I CAN GET CLIENT IP information so that i can talk with them as a PROOF by showing client ip or more is there any other way than this then PLEASE ADVICE ??? I


First --->. From Select * from Query Request I find username with dbadmin and session id = verticasrv1-6454:0x19b1bf whose start and end time is 8/23/2016 8:00    8/23/2016 8:00.




node_name    user_name    session_id    request_id    transaction_id    statement_id    request_type    request    request_label    search_path    memory_acquired_mb    success    error_count    start_timestamp    end_timestamp    request_duration_ms    is_executing
v_testpulse_node0001    dbadmin    vertica-srv1-6454:0x19b1bf    2    45,035,996,303,404,800    1    DDL    ALTER RESOURCE POOL etlpool CPUAFFINITYSET '16-31' CPUAFFINITYMODE SHARED;        $user, public, v_catalog, v_monitor, v_internal    [NULL]    FALSE    [NULL]    8/23/2016 8:00    8/23/2016 8:00    47    FALSE
v_testpulse_node0001    dbadmin    vertica-srv1-6454:0x19b1bf    1    45,035,996,303,404,800    1    DDL    ALTER RESOURCE POOL bipool  MEMORYSIZE '20G' PLANNEDCONCURRENCY 25 EXECUTIONPARALLELISM 8 CPUAFFINITYSET '0-15' CPUAFFINITYMODE SHARED RUNTIMEPRIORITY HIGH;        $user, public, v_catalog, v_monitor, v_internal    [NULL]    TRUE    [NULL]    8/23/2016 8:00    8/23/2016 8:00    83    FALSE



Second ----> I try to search for client host name from following statement but it does not shows any output. I even tried through transaction id as well but could not find CLIENT HOST NAME

select client_pid, CLIENT_HOSTNAME from USER_SESSIONS where session_id ilike 'vertica-srv1-6454:0x19b1bf'


THIRD ---> I tried searching from SESSIONS table as well but over here we run script that delete session on every half n hour. Because of this i could not fetch any information from SESSION TABLE as well




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