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VerticaCopyStream appears to be hanging or waiting indefenitly



VerticaCopyStream appears to be hanging or waiting indefenitly in start/execute method calls when using IO stream.


In my case I am using PipedIOStream(PipedInputStream & PipedOutputStream) to stream the data from my program to vertica continously. Interestingly, the program is working fine if I close the Out stream; so it looks like Vertica calls waits till the stream to be closed to consume data. I even tried flushing the stream; but not of any help.



Abhilash R


  • I'll take a shot in the dark here...


    Experienced "hanging" behavior when COPYing into Vertica from AWS S3 via a third-party tool called S3FS.

    S3FS tries to make AWS S3 look like a conventional file system, and it succeeds but only to a degree.


    When doing huge loads S3FS choked from all the multi-threading, making it look superficially like COPY was hanging. To be clear, the problem was S3FS, not Vertica's COPY.


    Perhaps your scenario bears some resemblance to this?

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