How to check hyper threading is enable or disable in HP VERTICA server

Hello Everyone

I wonder how can we see the timestamp for hyper threading enable and disable. We have total 5 node PHYSICAL  SERVER from vertica 5 node and i need to get following information.


1. How to check HYPER THREADING is enable or disable in vertica server ?

2. How to check the history of hyper threading enable and disable. Here i wanted to check the date and timestamp when was hyper threading enable and disable


Please help


Thank You


Ujjwal Rana




  • Nimmi_guptaNimmi_gupta - Select Field - Employee

    On Linux, I generally just look for "ht" on the "flags" line of /proc/cpuinfo. See for instance

    grep '^flags\b' /proc/cpuinfo | tail -1

    or if you want to include the "ht" in the pattern

    grep -o '^flags\b.*: .*\bht\b' /proc/cpuinfo | tail -1


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