How to download Vertica Server CE 7.2.3-7 RPM and Management Console for upgrade?



I want to upgrade Vertica CE 7.1.2-0 to 7.2.3-7 and then to 8.0.0 as recommended in upgrade guide but I can't download RPMs for that from myVertica site. It is allow to download RPMs for Vertica 8.0.0 only.


So, how to download these RPMs:


* Vertica Server CE 7.2.3-7 RedHat 6/CentOS 6 RPM

* Vertica Management Console 7.2.3-7 RedHat 6/CentOS 6 RPM




Thank you


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    You can download from here:

    But it'll give you only version 7.2.3-0 and not 7.2.3-7 ...


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    This link redirect to Dashboard page and display warning: 'You do not have permission to view that download.'


    The site search display 'Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.' warning for pages where should be RPMs with 7.2.3 version. Very strange that HP restricted access to old versions of Vertica CE...

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