Reorganize failed with error " Execution canceled by operator"

Hi all,


I tried to run ALTER table PARTITION BY date_trunc('week', schema.table.date) REORGANIZE; on relatively big table (322GB).

It started running the process on background with the following message:


NOTICE 4954:  The new partitioning scheme will produce 62 partitions

WARNING 6100:  Using PARTITION expression that returns a Timestamp value

HINT:  This PARTITION expression may cause too many data partitions.  Use of an expression that returns a more accurate value, such as a regular VARCHAR or INT, is encouraged

NOTICE 4785:  Started background repartition table task



When I checked V_MONITOR.PARTITION_STATUS table after several minutes it stated that 0% was processed and  V_MONITOR.PARTITION_REORGANIZE_ERRORS table showed message='Execution canceled by operator'. tuple_mover_operations also stated that Partitioning was Aborted.


Tried later to run REORGANIZE only, but it failed the same way.


Anyone can help on further actions/checks?



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