DB Node Name (v_vmart_node0003 to v_vmart_0001) or Start naming convention from v_vmart_node0003


   I am working on a database (6 Node cluster) which I need to migarate to newer nodes/cluster.  My issue is the source database node name starts with v_vmart_node0003 thru v_vmart_node0008 (0003....0008).  Solution we are planning to migarate is do CopyCluster.

    Two options...but not sure which will be less time consuming and better option...


OPTION 1. On Source change node names from v_vmart_node0003 to v_vmart_node0001 so basically move/map following...

0003 -> 0001

0004 -> 0002

0005 -> 0003

0006 -> 0004

0007 -> 0005

0008 -> 0006




OPTION 2.  Create the new instance starting with v_vmart_node0003 thru v_vmart_node0008, after CopyCluster 6 Node -> 6 Node, then add v_vmart_node0001 and v_vmart_node0002 to the cluster making it 8 nodes.


No ips are changing on either side but need to correct this naming convention with their corresponding ip schema.


Any suggestions or idea, would be greatly apprecaited.



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