Spread Client

version 7.2.3-8


2016-10-05 19:56:58.155 Spread Client:0xb6d17f0 [Session] <WARNING> Trying to cancel Session v_mydb1_node0002-522442:0x1b86 but have not found any cancel handle.


This message appears multiple times per second. They began appearing at the same time a disk IO error emerged, but I don't see the relationship.


The disk errors are fixed, but these messages continue, filling vertica.log at an alarming rate.


How do i fix this? Is issue VER-48316 in Vertica 7.2.3-9 release notes about this problem?


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    I don't think so, that VER- is for Spread errors, not warnings, that can lead to spread disconnect. To evaluate your case if you are a enterprise customer can you please open a support ticket and send Vertica.logs?



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    Thank you, Eugenia. I have opened case #00060829.

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    Great! Hope you find the root cause of the message. 


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