Aggregate projections and partitions

Hi all


I'm investigating the adoption of the aggregate projections to improve metrics on data having more or less dimensions, accordingly the dashboard is accessing them.


They seems to be the right tool for this case but they also are deprecated in case of updates and deletes.


Updates are not a concern, but I would like to ask you about deletes: such data is retained for a given period then dropped using a drop partition call.


Is there any affinity between a delete statement and the drop partition that could affect the adoption of the aggregate projections?


thank you in advance

Riccardo Pasquini


  • Arvind_KumarArvind_Kumar Community Edition User

    what do you mean by affinity between delete and drop partition?

  • Arvind_KumarArvind_Kumar Community Edition User

    as far as i know drop partition is better to use compare to delete because drop partition is faster and creates less delete vectors. i will advise you to use drop projection than delete wherever it is possible.


    second it will not impact the usage of aggregate projection

  • Thank you


    "second it will not impact the usage of aggregate projection"


    that's what I was looking for :)

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