No Vmart schema in dbvisualizer

Hey, i have a question concerning vertica and dbvisualizer.

For beginning, defined the vmart schema and imported the example data.


Now i wanted to have a look on the different tables with dbvisualizer but the schema table is not showing.

I connected the dbvisualizer via jdbc driver. I installed the jdbc package from the oracle site.

The server is and the default port is 5433 and i was able to ping and connect to it



Why i am not able to see the data in the tables?


Please help me!


Kind regards and thanks in advance



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    Sudhakar_BSudhakar_B Vertica Customer ✭✭

    When connecting with DBVisualizer are you using a USERID that has the required permissions to access VMart schema and objects (tables/views) ?


    Can you login with vql using the same credentials and \dt on VMart chema, please?




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    thanks for the answer.

    But i think thats not the solution :(

    I was able to login into the admintools via vsql commands and make queries.

    The user is dbadmin.


    Thanks in advance


    Kind regards


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