Backup to CIFS mount

I have a NAS device that I have mounted to each machine on our vertica cluster.  I have set the vbr.py configuration file to use a local hard link backup and pointed to the mounted location of the NAS device.  The vertica docs state "In a hard link local backup, vbr.py does not copy files (as long as the backup directory exists on the same file system as the database catalog and data directories)." 


Since my "hard link" is actually pointed to a location not on the local hard disk, I just want to be sure that the backup utility will indeed copy the actual files to my NAS device.  So in the event that the machine's hard disk fails, we'd still be able to restore our databases with the backups on our NAS device.


Has anyone had any experience with performing backups/restores in this manner?





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    Backing up to CIFS is not officially supported; hence it would be risk to depend on that as your DR solution.

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