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May be continue install Vertica without solve exeption S0151, S0305, S0040, S0160?



may be continue install Vertica without solve this exeption?


HINT (S0151):
These disks do not have known IO schedulers: '/dev/mapper/INTVG-home
('') = ''
HINT (S0305):
TZ is unset for dbadmin. Consider updating .profile or .bashrc
HINT (S0040):
Could not find the following tools normally provided by the pstack o
gstack package: pstack/gstack
WARN (S0160):
These disks do not have 'ext3' or 'ext4' filesystems: '/dev/mapper
/INTVG-homevol' = 'xfs'
WARN (S0170):
lsblk (LVM utility) indicates LVM on the data directory.


  • If you don't use those storage to put vertica data, you can continue without any problem. 



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