Are Statistics Affected When Partitions are Dropped?

After we drop a partition on a large table, are statistics affected in such a way that we should re-collect them (using ANALYZE_STATISTICS or ANALYZE_HISTOGRAM)?


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    It will depend on  your data, the row count will change but that is a service that run in the background and will get updated without any problem. About the statistics, if what you are dropping is a big representation of your data like if will change the distribuition of the data, or will change the cardinality of the data; it should affect and you should run it again. If the statistics are not too representative of the data sometimes you will see a message in the explain plan that says "stale statistics" you can also see that in system table query_events, if you see this message in the explain or the query_events table you should run again analyze_statistics. 


    Hope this helps to understand better. 



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