dump_allocator_usage - Usage ??

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By default Output of dump_allocator_usage goes to vertica.log , can we collect it in some other file?

How we can understand the output of this function dump_allocator_usage ?


  • You can't dump it to a file and we have not documented it as it is an internal function. Dump_allocator_usage is used to debug catalog size in memory and normally if you have an issue you should contact support.


    The catalog is where veritca stores the metadata and has 2 types of objects:


    -Global objects (Not node-specific, for instance Tables, Users, Nodes),
    - Local objects (Node-specific, for instance ROS, WOS).


    So if you have a big catalog you should reduce the global and/or local catalog. In my experience the #Ros is most of the time the culprit of big catalog.


    Hope this helps.


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    Do you have plan to dump to some specied file?

    If you have plan to dump in user specified file it would be very good for Vertica Customer.

  • There is an existing customer request to make the allocator information available, but no scheduled delivery date.

  • Arvind_KumarArvind_Kumar Community Edition User

    Thanks Shriram

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