Export Data with BELL character delimiter

Dear Lister - Im trying to export data into .del files with  BELL character delimiter.

not sure correct syntax for " BELL character delimiter" current using '\u007'.. which is now working. 


vsql -U dbadmin -F '\u0007' -A -o /home/dbadmin/cnp_prime_opportunity_1_1a.del -c "select * from  dburmist.cnp_prime_opportunity_1_1a;"; 


Could you please some one tell me what is the right syntax to extract data with "BELL character delimiter". 

Much appreciate for your response. Thanks





  • Hi All.. 

    I got the answer for this question.. 


    vsql -U dbadmin -w vrtdba -F $'\7' -A -o /home/dbadmin/cnp_prime_opportunity_1_1a.del -c "select * from  dburmist.cnp_prime_opportunity_1_1a ;";

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