SWAP_PARTITIONS_BETWEEN_TABLES : A Moveout operation is already in progress

When i use a jdbc connecton to swap partition it works sometimes and sometimes dont. Where as if i run it on vsql cli it works always. I have tried DO_TM_TASK on the super projection of target table in my code. I am checking if there is wos_row_count. But no luck till now!


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     if a mergeout is happening on this partition you wont be able to swap it until is complete.


    To view the active merge operations use:

    where operation_name='Mergeout' and is_executing='true';

    If no merge in happenng on that table you can go ahead and run your swap partition.


    You can make this task dinamic by adding an extrnal code such as shell or java to manage to login of the merge status, and when is not executing you can run it.


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