Invalid sessions info query_requests table

Hello Team,


I would like to know why some of the old sessions are still showing as executing?


I queried query_requests where is_executing='t' i found about 9 invalid sessions as executing. How to clean this data from query_requests table?


start_timestamp        session_id
2016-11-07 19:40:52    _xxx_node000-120053:0x4244d
2016-11-07 19:10:05    _xxx_node000-35646:0x67413
2016-11-07 16:08:00    _xxx_node000-120053:0x687bc
2016-11-07 12:48:56    _xxx_node000-444564:0x6409d
2016-11-07 12:42:50    _xxx_node000-120053:0x65d71
2016-11-07 12:06:25    _xxx_node000-120053:0x65146
2016-11-07 09:52:48    _xxx_node002-473437:0x5a891
2016-11-03 03:17:56    _xxx_node000-392874:0x231a95
2016-09-30 17:28:43    _xxx_node001-91238:0x1f3f34


I tried to close sessions and interrupt statement also.

It says invaild session id.


Error: Invalid session ID
(1 row)


It wont bother me but just curious to know the reason why these still show as executing? And would like to know is their a way to clean these?



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