Kafka Sytanx Error

I'm trying to set up a proof of concept for the Kafka integration and the documentation doesn't seem to match what's installed. I'm running:


Vertica Analytic Database v8.0.0-0
vertica(v8.0.0-0) built by jeeves@build-centos6 from tag@releases/VER_8_0_RELEASE_BUILD_0_0_20160819 on 'Fri Aug 19 16:15:45 2016' $BuildId$



I'm trying to follow along with the 8.0 documentation and when I try to associate a source I get the following error:


 /opt/vertica/packages/kafka/bin/vkconfig source --create --target public.kafka_tgt --rejection-table public.kafka_rej --source messages --num-partitions 4
No such argument target
com.vertica.solutions.kafka.exception.InvalidArgumentException: No such argument target
at com.vertica.solutions.kafka.util.CommandLineParser.getOption(CommandLineParser.java:168)
at com.vertica.solutions.kafka.util.CommandLineParser.parse(CommandLineParser.java:203)
at com.vertica.solutions.kafka.cli.v2.SourceCLI.run(SourceCLI.java:50)
at com.vertica.solutions.kafka.cli.v2.SourceCLI.main(SourceCLI.java:22)


I poked around the command line help and was able to get something to not throw an error using the following:


/opt/vertica/packages/kafka/bin/vkconfig source --create  --cluster StreamCluster1 --source messages --partitions 4

There doesn't seem to be an option for target anymore. Is this step still required?


Additonally, is there an up to date example that I can follow for setting up a Kafka integration? It seems the command syntax has changed a bit from 7.2 to 8.0 and the latest integration guide I can find is from 7.2



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    Turns out there is something on the file system that was able to get me going. 



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