how to transform all data from ONE single node Vertica to a three node cluster?

hi, all:


I want to copy all the data of a single node VERTICA to a  three node cluster, I have tried these ways:


1.  Using:  connect to vertica  && export to ;   This doesn't work and gives the error "One or more nodes did not open a data connection to this node. This may indicate a network configuration problem. Check that the private interfaces used for communication among the cluster hosts reside in the same subnet and are returned first by host address lookup"  

      BTW, CONNECT TO VERTICA is OK, error occurs when EXPORT


2. Using: vbr  backup  and restore;   This also doesn't work, it seems the nodes number not match


3. Using vsql dump data all tables one by one and COPY to the new cluster. This works but it's not efficient, too slow.



Are there any other efficient ways to transform data between different clusters?  


  • You can do the following


    1) Create a One Node cluster

    2) Use the to copy data

    3) Add 2 more nodes

    4) reabalnce

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