does size of the DB matter for select query performance?

I have few of fundamental questions on performance of the DB, can somebody please help me answer them:


  1. Does a fixed select query which fetches the data between two dates from a Table (assuming the date range passed in WHERE clause of this SELECT query always remains same) will have any impact on the size of the database? For example, Assuming the number of queries/transactions running on DB is always same, will there be any difference in above said query response time if the DB size is 5 GB or if it is 100 GB?

 2. At what point does a Vertica database start to lose performance?

  • Does physical database size matter?
  • Do number of records in table matter?
  • If performance degradation, is it linear or exponential?


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    Size of DB or number of rows in table does not matter because Vertica query engine will first prune storage containers not having data in the date range specified. Also Vertica storage scan step has valIndex prunning that will prune blocks that don't have requested data.

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